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10 Ways To An Eco-Conscious Lifestyle | Siera & Celeste

10 Ways To An Eco-Conscious Lifestyle | Siera & Celeste

Posted by Siera & Celeste on 09 01 2017

“The Earth is what we all have in common.” –Wendell Berry

Why Does Being Eco-Conscious Matter?

An eco-conscious lifestyle is a personal choice. You make the choice and declare it by living your life in a way that is considerate of the Earth, plant life, animals, and for the good of yourself and others. After considering your options, and you actively choose to make a difference in this world. So, you live lightly upon this earth and show concern for the environment.

The use of the term ‘eco-conscious’ is mainstream nowadays. There was a time that it wasn’t, but happily more people understand the many benefits of living a lifestyle that minimizes their footprint on their part of the Earth.

image of hands holding green world

Why be Conscious of the Environment and Ecology?

Every organism is connected. Whether we are human, animal, or plant, we are all connected to the Earth for sustenance. There is more than symbiosis; we also live together and depend on each other. Personal products or foodstuff produced by mankind with ingredients you cannot read affect our environment as well as our bodies.

Eco-conscious consumers are people who seek to make informed decisions with purchases. They support companies that have values and give back to the charities they believe in. They love to purchase from companies that tread lightly on this Earth that we all share and call home.

image of woman riding bike

How Can Your Lifestyle Be More Eco-Conscious?

If you would like your lifestyle to become more eco-conscious, try these ten suggestions:

1. Ride your bicycle to run errands instead of driving. This uses less gasoline, creates less pollution, and gets your body moving and exercising in the fresh air!

2. Eat real foods in their natural state as much as possible such as whole foods, fruit and vegetables, nuts and berries, drinking homemade juices, and other sources of unprocessed foods. And don’t forget to bring your own bags to pack up your delicious foodstuff at the store!

3. Practice conservation and reduce, reuse, and recycle; maybe even compost scraps for your garden.

4. Buy from sustainable companies to know that your consumer dollar is being spent to support companies doing good in the world.

5. Plant a garden to grow your own food and reduce the footprint of your food ecosystem.

6. Plant trees to better the environment, clean the air and leave a legacy for generations to come.

7. Conserve water and use only what you need. Clean water is harder to come by. Promptly repair leaks and consider a low-flow add on to your showers, toilets, and faucets.

8. Conserve electricity by turning off / unplugging all lights and electronics when not in use. Perhaps consider replacing your current light bulbs with LED bulbs.

9. Buy recycled products when possible, and choose products with minimal processing in the packaging.

10. Educate others about the benefits of choosing an eco-conscious lifestyle by living a life of example.

There are so many reasons why an eco-conscious lifestyle matters. When you set your feet on this path and choose to live a more earth-friendly lifestyle, you can feel good that you are doing your part to make a difference.