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Could You Make the Switch to Vegan Leather?

Could You Make the Switch to Vegan Leather?

Posted by Siera & Celeste on 10 09 2017

Vegan leather was once a highly-controversial topic as designers and consumers thought it was a fad, unappealing in both its form and style. The commonality back in the day was: Nothing could beat good ole’ animal leather! Today, vegan leather is a mainstay and the industry is growing! We invite you to consider why you should switch to vegan leather.

Throughout history, animal leather has undoubtedly been an important feature in style expression: from the iconic motorcycle jackets popularized by legends like Marlon Brando to eccentric punk-rocker looks; even to the elegant bags and shoes seen worn on the streets of Rome and Milan.

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Designers loved using animal leather because it easily evoked a sense of luxury or edginess, and there was an expensive price tag for such items. Masses of people regarded their designer animal leather items as lifetime investments which were sometimes even passed down to future generations.

With the intensified commodification of animal leather came a surge in demand and drop in prices, meaning that animal leather goods today are purchased and tossed out just as easily as any other material on the market. The aggressive production has also come at a great cost to both animals and humans involved in the manufacturing process.

The good news is that the advances in technology have also facilitated production of more ethical and sustainable animal leather-like materials, which can be just as chic and durable as the real thing. If you are still not convinced, here are some of the reasons why you might want to consider ditching animal skin and switching to vegan alternatives.


In this day and age, it’s almost impossible to ignore the fact that the entire leather industry focuses on the exploitation of both animals and workers who are involved in its production. The cruel practices of obtaining skin from animals and the incredibly toxic process of tanning are well documented; as such, it is becoming increasingly difficult to justify consumption of animal-derived materials.

Regardless of whether you are a vegetarian, vegan or simply someone who cares about animal welfare and fair treatment of workers involved in the production of clothes that we end up wearing, switching to more ethical alternatives should be a no-brainer.

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Why not state the obvious? It’s not often that a sustainable, cruelty-free alternative also comes at a lower price, but this is true regarding vegan leather. Products made using vegan alternatives are more ethical, yet come at a fraction of the price of animal leather. And even though some people might argue that animal leather has better value due to its durability, with proper maintenance, your vegan leather bag or wallet can last you just as long.


Animal-derived materials can be uneven in color, and since they retain moisture, they also tend to lose shape over time. With vegan leather, you won’t have to worry about your favorite purse becoming misshapen or discolored; nor will you need to worry about its style because vegan leather lends itself better to bright colors and graphic patterns.

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Long gone are the days of associating sustainable clothes with plain, unimaginative designs in muted colors and basic styles. Everyone from chic small-scale online boutiques to fashion powerhouses like Stella McCartney has embraced the ethos of compassionate, sustainable fashion, proving that ethical materials can be as equally fashion-forward. Same goes for vegan leather designs!