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Ethical Gift Ideas for Friends and Family | Siera & Celeste

Ethical Gift Ideas for Friends and Family | Siera & Celeste

Posted by Siera & Celeste on 10 26 2017

Choosing that just-right gift for friends or family during the shopping season can be incredibly challenging, especially if they are discerning in their tastes or style. A compounding situation might be the fact that your pal might be vegan or even just a dedicated, ethical consumer, and the struggle to purchase the perfect gift becomes too palpable.

And yes, even if you have already thought of other options that are not vegan, gifting your best friend with a purposefully compassionate present will show them that you not only care about them but their values too.

Finding cruelty-free gifts is easy with a bit of imagination. Below, we offer you ethical gift ideas for your friends and family.

image of gift

Vegan Leather Wallet or Handbag

Food might be the first thing that springs to mind when someone mentions the word “vegan.” Besides, we bet your BFF already knows where to go and what to buy when it comes to their diet. So why not treat them to a stylish and compassionate accessory instead?

Bags and wallets crafted from faux leather are not only super-practical, but they are manufactured with animal welfare in mind. Plus, buying an accessory instead of a clothing item saves you the risk of getting the wrong fit and causing an inconvenient situation for you and your friend. Check out the latest selection on our website,!

Cruelty-free Skin Care

If your friend enjoys quality pampering time, there is no better way to surprise them than by getting them a unique skin care package assembled entirely out of vegan products.

If you aren’t sure how to spot ethical cosmetics in the vast sea of beauty products on drugstore shelves, look for those labeled with the Leaping Bunny logo, as this international certificate guarantees that beauty products are untested on animals.

This way, your friend will be able to replenish their skin without worrying whether four-legged creatures were harmed in the process.

Soy Candles

Candles tend to be a foolproof present for any occasion, something you can always pick up if you are in a rush and not sure what to get. However, don’t be so quick to run to your nearest gift shop just yet – did you know that most candles on the market contain animal-derived ingredients?

Fret not, because if you want to surprise your loved one with a relaxing scented candle, you can easily find vegan alternatives made out of animal-friendly substances like soy wax.

image of soy wax candle

Practical Cookbooks

Being a vegan is commendable, but let’s face it: in the fast-paced everyday environment with unhealthy choices offered at every step, it’s not always easy to plan out animal-free, decent meals, especially if you lead a busy life. Having access to recipes is always welcome, whether your friend is a seasoned vegan or someone who has just embarked on the journey of more compassionate lifestyle.

A vegan cookbook is an ideal present for vegans across the board: rookies can use it to learn the basics of plant-based cuisine, while vegan veterans will be able to brush up on old knowledge and maybe learn some new tricks along the way. Those who are not vegan could simply add their protein of choice.

Shopping with someone else in mind might have been tricky in the past, but today, there is no shortage of creative and practical ethical gifts, not only for your vegan loved ones but any of your friends and family.