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Oh! Hello, February! | Siera & Celeste |

Oh! Hello, February! | Siera & Celeste |

Posted by Siera & Celeste on 02 01 2018

Say goodbye to the burst of energy and excitement from the string of holidays as the cooler temperatures begin to take their effect. While it’s a great time for reflection and ticking off todos, daily energy levels can take a significant hit. Yes, the inevitable winter doldrums are here and while we all may move at a slower pace, it’s still essential to keep the good feelings flowing.

Ideally, a vacation somewhere amazingly warm and vibrant is in order. A cozy seat by the sea with a book and a drink would surely shoo away those dreary sentiments and add in some zing.

If flying to your favorite warm-weather location isn’t on your schedule or doesn’t fit into your budget — no problem — there’s another solution to uplift your mood.


Inject some energy into your winter days through the selection of the colors that surround you.

Beyond merely representing Valentine’s Day, there are psychological benefits to red being the color of February. According to color psychology expert, Judy Scott-Kemmis, red is known to help usher in vibrant energies by opening up the channels to draw in vitality and strength.

Think of the energy you feel when you see a red sports car zips past you. The joy as a small little robin flits through the sky. Not only does it instantly catch your eye but thoughts of boldness and power come to mind.


Find the best color red to represent your personality and style.
Select which reds you’re most attracted to and read below to see what how it reflects your personality.

select your hue image

1. BURGUNDY. Mixed with lots of blue. You take in all elements of a situation and process them quietly with respect to your long-term goals before acting.

2. CRIMSON. A dash of blue is used in its creation. You’re emboldened but take care to balance the needs of others.

3. TRUE RED. The foundation on which all reds are built. You are not one to hold back on words you go for what you want without any hesitation.

4. SCARLET. A smidge of orange is used in its creation. You love completing all tasks with a sense of humor and ease, but in your own way.

Tip: Even if the color you selected doesn’t explain you, it’s still what you’re drawn to. Use it to attract that energy!


Maybe the red stays all year long as a permanent color for your style palette, or perhaps it stays just during the cooler months, switched out for another color once the thermometer rises.

A great way to use red to show and inspire a passion for adventure, taking on any task no matter how difficult, is an accessory.

At Siera & Celeste, we selected several vegan cruelty-free luxury accessories to satisfy your passion for red.

pop of red image

1.Burgundy: Try our Gigi Top Ring Crossbody by Melie Bianco!
Slim and stylish this premium vegan leather bag can hold all the essentials for an evening out.

2. Crimson: Try our Francine Large Hobo by Melie Bianco!
A roomy interior gives this versatile ethically manufactured bag lots of room, while still maintaining style.

3. True Red: Try our Trixie Shoulder Bag by Espe!
Buttery soft with a sweetheart cut, this luxury vegan leather handbag is the intersection of whimsy and style.

4. Scarlet: Try our Sophie Structured Satchel by Urban Expressions
Made of premium vegan leather, this tote with a top handle is a girl’s best friend.

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