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On-Trend Vegan Leather Bags For This Season

On-Trend Vegan Leather Bags For This Season

Posted by Siera & Celeste on 12 08 2017

When choosing a new handbag or accessory this Season, why not consider vegan leather? It has all the markings of animal leather in appearance and feel, and you will do a little good with your purchase. Vegan leather is eco- and animal-friendly, making you look great and un-cruel in your efforts. So while you are out hitting the streets shopping for your loved ones, try one, or all, of these must-have vegan leather handbags in the current styles for a seasonal look that is on trend.


A clutch is an essential part of a woman’s wardrobe. They are so versatile that you would be remiss if you did not have a clutch in vegan leather as part of your collection. Grab a neutral color for understated sophistication or a lively metallic shade for the holiday parties!


Who does not own a crossbody? They are so convenient and easy to wear with casual looks or when you are on the move! Grab one and put the shoulder strap across your body, to be on your way for hands-free comfort while running errands or shopping around town.


Make it your mission to look professional with a messenger bag in vegan leather. This ultimate handbag allows you to protect everything inside, as vegan leather is naturally designed to be waterproof. You’ll be able to take your messenger bag with you wherever you go and never have to worry about your belongings getting ruined ever.


A satchel is the perfect go-to handbag, and buying one in vegan leather just adds to the appeal! Satchels look good with everything. Dress it up or dress it down. It’s the perfect handbag for the street or the office!

Top handle

Jazz your look up with a Top Handle Handbag. This put-together and purposeful look goes well with any outfit, adding a touch of class to your appearance. Styling this handbag option in vegan leather just adds to your importance, showing you are conscious of the environment as well as animals. Go for a Top Handle in a fun color to add a bit of contrast and drama to your look.


Take it all with you wherever you go with a tote bag. This functional handbag gives you plenty of attitude and allows you carry everything you will ever need in one bag. Pick a fun style and fill it to the brim!


When you are at the club, a big bulky handbag just won’t do! You need only the essentials, and a wristlet is the perfect options to carry just what you need. With your keys, wallet, and phone snuggly protected by vegan leather, you’ll never have to worry about a spilled drink or damage from party mishaps.

Finding the perfect handbag doesn’t have to be a challenge this season, as several designers offer vegan leather as part of their collections, and we have them in our online store! So remember: Shop wise and buy vegan leather because it is cool!