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Posted by Siera & Celeste on 08 31 2017

Safely Clean Your Vegan Leather Handbag

Have you ever purchased new clothing and been so excited because you found the perfect outfit that made you look fabulous, and you knew all eyes would be on you this weekend? Then, just because it had a bit of a funky smell, you threw it in the wash and dried it – only for the perfect new outfit to come out looking like doll clothes? What happened? Let me guess. Um, you assumed what you had was made of washable material, and in your haste, you did not check to see how you could safely clean it!

image of shrunken items

Here’s a Little Secret

This happens in my industry too. Many people invest in a vegan leather handbag and assume it is washable when it is not!

Now, I can tell by the look on your face that you are thinking, “Girl, that bag is plastic, and it CAN be washed because I read an Internet article from 2010.” That was several years ago and many of today’s modern fabrics used to construct vegan leather handbags cannot withstand the onslaught of water, soap, and heavy-duty cleaners today. They cannot even withstand being in rain!

General Care Tips for Your Vegan Leather Handbag

When your vegan leather bag becomes dirty, the best place to begin looking for cleaning guidance is with the manufacturer. If they do not have a direct link for bag care on their website, utilize the Customer Service option and ask how to care for the bag.

Should you be unable to find assistance from the bag manufacturer, please utilize the general care tips in the guideline below.

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Rule #1: Use Your Best Judgment, Please

DO NOT EVER use bleach on your bag! Bleach breaks down the fibers of your bag, and it changes their color.

DO NOT EVER leave your bag in the sunlight for prolonged periods of time! This will make vegan leather dry out and cause cracks to form, just like our skin.

DO NOT EVER put your bag in the dryer or use a hand-held hair dryer on it! Clothes dryers and hair dryers ruin vegan leather bags.

DO NOT EVER use a plastic bag as a dust cover for your bag! These will retain moisture and cause mold / mildew contamination.

DO keep a supply of microfiber or nonabrasive cloths solely for the purpose of cleaning your bag. Usually, a gentle wipe-down with a dry cloth on a regular basis is all that is needed.

DO use a damp cloth and immediately follow up with a dry cloth for more serious stains such as indigo dye transference (blue jeans). If you choose this method, please test in a hidden spot first, to ensure there will not be ensuing damage.

DO stuff your bag with tissue paper or newspaper. This helps your bag keep its beautiful shape when it is not in use.

DO use cloth dust covers for your bag. If your manufacturer did not provide you with a dust cover, an old pillow case is an excellent substitute.

DO keep your bag out of reach of pets. They will use them for chew toys!

Rule #2: Now that you have a good general guideline to keep your vegan leather handbag safely clean, we hope you WEAR IT WELL and come back often!

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