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The Lowdown on Cork Handbags and Backpacks

The Lowdown on Cork Handbags and Backpacks

Posted by Siera & Celeste on 04 12 2018

In its raw, natural form cork can be chestnut, walnut, honey or even dark brown. Although studded with small divots the size of tiny soap bubbles, cork isn’t just a stopper for your favorite red, white, or sparkling. Nor is the material that comes from the oak cork tree bark solely used on the wall as a place for sticking pins. A sustainable resource that’s now getting it’s due, a wide variety of products from teacups to sink basins is made from cork. Who knew, right? At Siera & Celeste, we’ve been gushing over quite a few cork handbags and backpacks. As cork is a relatively new concept for bags and accessories, we’d like to share the love and the knowledge by providing you with the lowdown on cork by answering a few introductory questions on the eco-friendly material.

Is it heavy?

The first thought when it comes to cork is that the material is weighty. Nope! Cork is very light, much more so than leather. Think of how buoyant an actual bottle cork is, and you’ll get a sense of how airy the material is. You will be amazed at how thin cork leather is when compared to other vegan leather materials, which makes your handbag or backpack very lightweight!

Is it durable?

Cork is incredibly wear-and-tear resistant, which makes it the perfect choice for storing your wallet, phone, books, and any other on the go necessities you may have. In addition to being strong the material is also:

-Water resistant

-Wear and tear resistant

-Mildew and Odor resistant


What does it feel like?

The tactile feel of a handbag made from cork is incredibly soft and lightweight. The cork used in wine bottles and bulletin boards has a rougher texture. Special techniques have been developed to make cork leather smooth, which is what Siera & Celeste offers.

cork handbags image

    1.The Bailey Unisex Satchel by WIlby has dimensions of 9.25″ L * 3″ wide * 10.25″ H and is available in colors of natural or dark grey.
    2.The Bailey V Satchel by Wilby has dimensions of 9.5″ L * 2.75″ W * 9″ H and is available in colors of natural and dark grey.
   3.The Bailey Saddle Bag by Wilby has dimensions of 7.5″ L * 2.5″ W * 9″ H and is available in colors of natural and dark grey.

Where is it sourced?

Forests in Southern France, Italy, Spain, Portugal and North Africa house the cork oak trees because of their microclimates and soil types. Cork bark is removed from mature trees every nine years. The removal does not harm the tree, and the bark regrows. The effects on the environment are radically lower than the production of plastic. Most of the world’s cork is produced in Portugal, helping to grow the economy of the country.

Cleaning and Care of Accessories Made from Cork.

As always know how to care for your handbags is essential to their upkeep.

That’s another great benefit of cork when compared with leather, no need for special cleaner- just use soap and water!