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10 Best Vegan Cookbooks to Add to Your Collection

10 Best Vegan Cookbooks to Add to Your Collection

Posted by Siera & Celeste on 10 16 2018

As a vegan it can be incredibly easy to fall into a boring routine at dinner time. When nothing you eat seems exciting anymore it can lead to terrible eating decisions and what is simple to make isn’t always the healthiest choice.

To help avoid these dull mealtime patterns we suggest building your own personal vegan cookbook library! Sure, you can find recipes through a simple google search, but not all the recipes you’ll find are created by master chefs and experienced culinary professionals. Want to make exciting vegan meals? Learn from the pros!

Here is a list of our 10 favorite vegan cookbooks that you can use to create vegan culinary masterpieces every night!


A book that every vegan should own with over 250 recipes, full color photos and tons of tips for creating a vegan kitchen full of goodies.

veganomicon cookbook image

2.Healthy Happy Vegan Kitchen

There are so many creative recipes in this book you won’t know where to start! Our favorite is the vegan maple chili bean–stuffed sweet potato.

Health happy vegan kitchen cookbook image

3.The Oh She Glows Cookbook

The cookbook is filled with over 100 vegan recipes. 90 of which are also gluten free! This is also a great vegan cookbook for those with allergies of food sensitivities as most recipes are free of soy, nuts, sugar, and grains.

The Oh She Glows Cookbook Image

4.The Taco Cleanse

This vegan cookbook is for anyone who loves tacos and c’mon who doesn’t? This book is meant to be used as a cleanse, but you can also incorporate any of the tantalizing taco recipes into your day to day vegan diet.

The Taco Cleanse Vegan Cookbook Image

5.Vegan for Everybody

Looking for the ultimate vegan go-to cookbook? Look no further! From snacks to full meals this cookbook has it all. With more than 200 recipes this vegan cookbook is a great reference guide and every vegan kitchen deserves a copy.

vegan for everybody cookbook image

6.Modern Vegan Baking

One of the most depressing parts of being vegan is having to give up baked goods, right? Wrong! There are plenty of fantastic vegan recipes out there for baked goods, but this cookbook really takes the cake! With easy to follow recipes and a vegan baking substitution guide you’ll be whipping up delicious treats in no time.

modern vegan baking cookbook image

7.Chloe's Vegan Italian Kitchen

Missing the Italian dishes you used to love? This cookbook will teach you how to make all the Italian classics only they are deliciously vegan. Out favorite recipe is the butternut ravioli. It’s a must try!

chloes vegan italian cookbook image

8.The Simply Vegan Cookbook

Want to make vegan meals that don’t require specialty ingredients and are budget friendly? Then add this cookbook to your library now! With over 100 recipes that take 30 mins or less to make you’ll be glad you did.

the simply vegan cookbook image

9.Real Food, Really Fast

In a hurry? Make vegan recipes in a snap! This cookbook offers loads of delicious vegan meal options that only take 10 mins or less to make.

10.Taste of the East

Chinese food lover? This cookbook is packed with vegan Chinese food options. You’ll be running to the grocery store to buy ingredients to make a Chinese vegan food feast.