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5 Vegan Cleaning Product Brands to Make Your Home Sparkle

5 Vegan Cleaning Product Brands to Make Your Home Sparkle

Posted by Siera & Celeste on 08 10 2018

So, you feel like you’ve taken all necessary steps to live the best vegan life you can – your diet, fashion and makeup brands are all happily vegan and cruelty-free. Great! But what about your cleaning products? Do know if the brands you’re using are vegan and cruelty-free? It’s an easy mistake to make and many cleaning products, detergents, etc. are not vegan. Luckily, we’ve found the five best vegan cleaning products that will make your home stay clean and fresh. Oh, and the best part? They work!

  1. Method

All Method brand products are 100% vegan, cruelty-free and leaping bunny certified. So you can shop with confidence knowing that any method product you buy will perfectly fit into your lifestyle. Method has an extensive line of products from laundry detergent to hand soap, and all can be found conveniently at any Target store.

Method Image

    2. Mrs. Meyers

Mrs. Meyers products have some of the best scents to offer in the world of natural cleaning products. Their honeysuckle scent is our personal favorite and will leave your home smelling like summertime. They provide plenty of all-natural vegan products choices, including laundry detergent and hand soaps.

Mrs Meyers image

   3. Allen’s Naturally

All of Allen’s Naturally products are not only vegan but are biodegradable! Be kind to the environment while buying vegan cleaning products that cut through dirt and grime. They also offer all-natural alternatives you won’t find with other brands, like an all-natural magic eraser and stain remover.

Allens Naturally image

   4. Citra Solv

Love a fresh, clean citrus scent? Then this is the vegan cleaning line for you. Citra-Solv has been around for 30 years which means they’ve had the time to perfect their vegan cleaning products. All their products are plant-derived so add a few of their products to your cleaning arsenal.

Citra Solv image

   5. Dr. Bronner’s

Dr. Bronner’s provides socially and environmentally responsible vegan cleaning products that are inexpensive and effective. Their Pure Castile Soap has many uses and goes a long way. Just dilute and use for face, body, hair, food, dishes, laundry, mopping, pets, etc. They also provide a cheat sheet on their website to help you dilute and use the right amount for any task.

Dr Bronners Image

We hope this list helps you accomplish all your cleaning tasks at lightning speed all while keeping it cruelty-free and vegan. What are some of your favorite vegan cleaning products? Let us know in the comment section below!