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7 Vegan Instagram Accounts To Follow | Siera & Celeste

7 Vegan Instagram Accounts To Follow | Siera & Celeste

Posted by Siera & Celeste on 06 23 2018

Let’s face it – sometimes it’s hard to be vegan. Searching for new vegan recipes, style tips and more seems like a weekly endeavor even for veteran vegans. It can be incredibly difficult to stay inspired. Remember how it felt when you first went vegan and everything was new and exciting? Finding an original recipe or idea felt more like a new adventure than a chore.

Want to feel this way again and get inspired?

One of the best ways to get some vegan inspiration is Instagram. With veganism up 500% since 2014 there are tons of vegan bloggers and Instagrammers. The question is what are the best vegan Instagram accounts to follow?

Siera & Celeste has the answer! We put together a list of our top 7 vegan Instagram accounts to follow right now and enjoy.

Minimalist Baker

Minimalist Baker Image

Looking for easy vegan recipes for ten ingredients or less? Look no further than @minimalistbaker. These recipes are seriously drool-worthy and will make you want to put your vegan chef hat on a whip up something delicious.

Fully Raw Kristina

Fully Raw Kristina Image

@fullyrawkristina is a vegan foodie and world traveler. She is also a raw vegan and has been for 12 years. So needless to say she has a little bit of experience. She has her own food and recipe app, and her travel photos will make you want to start planning your next getaway.

Plantbased Pixie

Plant based pixie image

A nutritionist and food blogger run @plantbased_pixie. So not only are all of her recipes vegan but they are also perfect for you. She also has released her own book on vegan nutrition called The Wellness Rebel. Looking to have a more balanced vegan diet? This is the account to follow.

Matt Cama

Matt Cama image

@matt_cama is an excellent source of inspiration for fitness, positive thinking, and vegan truths. He shares many reasons to go vegan and also shares ways to become body positive while also being healthy. He has a YouTube channel, is the author of multiple books and offers a self-mastery program for losing weight by following a plant-based diet.

Sweet Simple Vegan

sweet simple vegan image

@SweetSimpleVegan is another fantastic vegan foodie and blogger. We tried the cookies above ourselves, and we highly recommend them for your next sugar craving. Her blog is filled with recipe inspiration, ebooks, and videos.

So Beautifully Real

so beautifully real image

@sobeautifullyreal offers vegan recipes you won’t find anywhere else. Are we the only ones who are freaking out over this raw vegan Poptart recipe?! This is a must try! She also offers a ton of other vegan dessert and sweets recipes we can wait to sink our teeth into.

Siera & Celeste

siera & celeste image of vegan handbag

Okay, so we have to talk about ourselves a little bit. The @sieraceleste Instagram account is filled to the brim with vegan style inspiration, quotes from vegan celebs, and more! Follow us now for vegan fashion options you’ll love.

We hope you get inspired by these vegan influencers and Instagrammers! Are there any vegan Instagram accounts you follow that are not on this list? Leave them in the comment section below.