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Favorite Candies for a Sweet Vegan Halloween

Favorite Candies for a Sweet Vegan Halloween

Posted by Siera & Celeste on 10 27 2018

We love Halloween, don’t you? One of our favorite parts is of course the candy! But it’s hard to know WITCH treats are vegan.

Look out for: Gelatin (made from animal bones), milk fat, lard and refined cane sugar (can be processed with bone fragments). 

So, don’t be TRICKED this Halloween and choose some new favorites from our list of favorite vegan candies to TREAT your visitors this year.


Twizzlers is a long time favorite and they come in a variety of flavors: strawberry, black licorice, cherry, chocolate and more. 

Check the label on the Twizzlers with filling however, as the filling may not be vegan.

twizzlers image


Thank goodness that Skittles are vegan! You can taste the rainbow and feel great about it. 

Enjoy original, tropical, sour and wild berry flavors.

skittles image

Sour Patch Kids

Craving something sour? Sour Patch Kids are the perfect vegan friendly gummy. We love the watermelon flavor. 

The best part? Most movie theaters have Sour Patch Kids if you’re looking for a vegan treat at the theater.

sour patch kids image


Airheads were created in 1986 and are still loved by kids. 

Include these in your vegan trick or treat candy bowl this year to pass out some smiles.

Air heads image


Nerds are a classic Halloween candy and even though your dentist may not love you for eating them, they are still an awesome vegan candy.

Nerds image

Sweet Tarts

Sweet Tarts are a common candy passed out for trick or treat on Halloween. They are vegan but some of the chewy versions may not be. 

Always remember - when in doubt - check the label.

Sweet Tarts Image

Jolly Ranchers

For a pop of vegan fruity flavor Jolly Ranchers are our go-to. A hard candy with a variety of flavors you can enjoy. 

Who could ask for more?

Jolly Ranchers image

Endangered Species Dark Chocolate

Want to be that house that every kid loves while also giving back to a good cause? 10% of annual net profits from Endangered Species Dark Chocolate helps endangered animals and their environments. 

They come in a variety of flavors but the Dark Chocolate bar is vegan. 

endangered species chocolate image

Be the best house on the block and hand out these full-sized candy bars this year! 

We wish you a safe and Happy Halloween!