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How to Maintain a Healthy Vegan Diet While Traveling

How to Maintain a Healthy Vegan Diet While Traveling

Posted by Siera & Celeste on 07 20 2018

So, you’ve got your passport  in hand, and you are ready for your next summer adventure. You’ve got your bags packed, and everything checked off your list. You’re headed out the door when you realize – how are you going to maintain your healthy vegan diet while you travel and jet-set?

Here are our top five tips for having a painless vegan approved trip!

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  1. Planning is Key

As part of planning out your itinerary for your trip, you should always research the locations of the top vegan restaurants on every part of your journey. Research can be a fun part of trip-planning and make your travels even more memorable. Imagine having a mouthwatering vegan meal in a stunning location with top-notch service. Finding a five-star plant-based restaurant can feel like you’ve found a diamond in the rough and can be the icing on the cake of your trip.

   2.Substitutions are Your Friends

Sometimes you will be traveling with a large group of friends, not everyone is vegan, and everyone has specific dietary preferences. This can be a recipe for frustration and arguments when deciding where to eat. Avoid an unwanted issue by knowing how to substitute. Just take any menu item and ask for certain ingredients to be left out of the recipe. This will not only settle arguments between travel buddies but will also open up your dining options if you’re in a small town where veganism seems like a foreign concept.

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   3.Consult the Locals

If you get the opportunity, ask the locals where to find traditional vegan dishes or dishes that can be easily adjusted to be vegan. Getting to know people and asking about their local food can open the door to new culinary wonders and experiences. Expand your palette and understand more of the local culture by having short conversations.

   4.Book a Room with a Kitchen

With a cornucopia of options for room and board, it can seem a little overwhelming when trying to choose the perfect place to stay. We suggest narrowing down those choices slightly by making sure wherever you visit has a kitchen in your room with a stove readily available. You could experience a price per night increase, but you will save money by making vegan delicacies in your place. Why not treat your travel companions to something homemade and vegan? Your food may be so good it convinces a friend or two to give veganism a try.

   5.Have Snacks Prepped and Ready

This is one of our most important tips! Keep vegan snacks handy wherever you go – especially for road trips or if you are flying! If you think you may be stuck on a long layover, you’ll be so thankful you pre-planned and packed yummy vegan options in your carry on. Airports are not known for their culinary masterpieces so make sure you don’t leave yourself stranded and hungry. Pack some granola, trail mix, raw nuts, snack bars et cetera, to stay full and happy!

   6.*Extra Tip* Is Your Passport Holder Vegan? How About Your Carry-on Bag?

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