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Top 10 Tips for Living Sustainably | Siera & Celeste

Top 10 Tips for Living Sustainably | Siera & Celeste

Posted by Siera & Celeste on 06 29 2018

When you begin living sustainably, it can feel like a daunting task because it feels as though everything you do will have to change – from how you shop, to how you do your laundry. The simple truth is living a sustainable life doesn’t have to be difficult! We bring you our top 10 tips for living sustainably, and these tips are so easy to implement you won’t even realize anything has changed, except for that warm fuzzy feeling you’ll get from doing something great for our environment.

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Stop Using Plastic Bags

Fun fact: Americans use 100 billion plastic bags a year, which require 12 million barrels of oil to manufacture. You can help change all this waste! Just buy cheap reusable bags and keep them in the trunk of your car for when you are grocery shopping. You can even set a reminder on your phone, so when you get to your favorite grocery store, an alarm goes off telling you to grab your eco-friendly grocery bags.

Avoid Using Plastic Straws

Make a big difference by avoiding the use of plastic straws, cutlery or anything plastic that gives the option to throw away quickly. More than 267 different species of marine life have been affected by plastic pollution. Think about how such a small change can make a substantial impact on ocean life.

Be Mindful of Labels

When grocery shopping, be mindful of the brands you buy and whether they are sustainable. You can usually tell by reading the labels more closely. You can buy shade-grown coffee, which helps cut down on deforestation. You can also buy foods that are fair trade by looking at the label for the certified fair trade symbol

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Upgrade Your Light Bulbs

A simple switch to LED bulbs in your home can help the environment and your living sustainably wallet. LED bulbs are 80% more efficient than other light bulbs and using less energy use means less reliance on power plants which produce greenhouse gases.

Go Vegan

Since you’re visiting our site, you may already be vegan but did you know that being vegan is environmentally friendly? The meat and dairy industry is one of the most destructive industries in the world. To boost your eco-friendly eating habits, you can buy local produce which decreases the amount of gas used to transport the foods your purchasing.

Buy Water Saving Shower Heads

There are tons of water saving shower heads on the market today that are just as nice as other brands that don’t focus on water waste. The EPA reports that the average family uses 40 gallons of water each day in the shower. So imagine how much money you’ll save on your next water bill by making this simple change.

Go Digital

Next time you are at a store, ask if they have the option to send a digital receipt. Even most bank tellers allow your receipt to be emailed to you now. According to the Huffington Post, over 250 million gallons of oil, 10 million trees and 1 billion gallons of water are consumed each year in the creation of receipts for the United States alone, generating 1.5 billion pounds of waste. Make this change today.

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Re-purpose Gift Bags and Boxes

The United States uses over 4 million pounds of wrapping paper each year that ends up in landfills, a waste we could easily prevent by using newspaper or recyclable eco-friendly paper. Does anyone care about the wrapping paper anyways? It’s the gift that matters, not the wrappings.

Use Eco-Friendly Cleaning Products

There used to be very limited options to choose from when it came to eco-friendly cleaning products. But now there are a ton of effective low-cost options available that can help decrease your carbon footprint. Many of these products use plant-based ingredients and are free from dyes which are a healthier choice.

Support Fashion Brands that are Eco-Friendly

This may seem like a shameless plug but supporting eco-friendly fashion brands like Siera & Celeste does make a difference. The fashion industry leaves a considerable mark on the environment from all the dyes and chemicals many brands use to produce their items. By paying attention to the materials used in what you choose to buy you can make a difference. Also, buying vegan brands like ours should make you feel even better about your purchase as no animals were harmed in the making of your new favorite purse or accessory.