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Top 5 Vegan Makeup Brands | Siera & Celeste

Top 5 Vegan Makeup Brands | Siera & Celeste

Posted by Siera & Celeste on 06 17 2018

One of the many struggles of being vegan is finding the perfect cruelty-free and vegan makeup brand. It’s so difficult to find a makeup brand that is vegan and is also a quality product that you can use every day. Also, your bank account usually suffers while you search to find a product that actually works and makes you look and feel gorgeous.

Good News! The search is over! We’ve done our research, tried out a few products and put together a list of our top five vegan cosmetic brands that we are sure you’ll love.

makeup brushes and vegan eye shadow image

  1. Pacifica

It’s hard to pick a favorite of all the vegan makeup brands on this list but there is a reason why Pacifica is number-one. Pacifica offers an excitingly wide range of vegan beauty products from concealer to hair masks. Some makeup brands only offer specific items that are vegan but Pacifica takes away the guesswork. We could get lost on their website scrolling through the endless amounts of products that are all vegan and cruelty-free. Goodbye, second-guessing; hello, vegan beauty buys!

    2. Lakur

Something that’s easy to forget about, especially if you go to the salon to get your nails done, is nail polish. Is it vegan? Where do you find a quality vegan nail polish that won’t chip and that lasts? Look no further! Lakur paints on smooth as silk and my manicure lasted just as long as it used to with non-vegan brands. Another nice perk is that Lakur is made with botanical and mineral oils to give nails a little extra love. They also have a ton of shades to choose from. What we love to do is pick out a new shade to match one of our vegan handbags. Why not try this summer pairing – Lakur’s Royal Baby Blue Nail Polish with our Trudy Large Tassel Hobo Bag by Melie Bianco.

Vegan Nail polish image

    3. Emani

Emani is another vegan beauty brand that offers a little bit of everything. Their vegan primer is a popular item and is made with Ginkgo Biloba that creates microcirculation within the skin. All of Emani’s products are also gluten-free and are perfect for those with extra sensitive skin. Another one of our favorite Emani products is their velvety eyeshadow. It’s so nice to not have to settle for less!

    4. Spela

While not offering a large selection (we wish they would make more!) Spela’s Matte Liquid Lip Gloss is one of the best vegan lip glosses on the market. Matte lip color is extremely popular right now and it’s wonderful that there is a quality vegan option available. Spela also offers a Matte Lip Duo that offers a fun way to spice up your lip wear routine. There are two colors in the duo package and they can be worn separately or combine them for a pop of original color you won’t find anywhere else.

vegan lipstick image

    5. Beauty Without Cruelty (BWC)

Beauty Without Cruelty (BWC) is one of the most all-encompassing vegan beauty brands. BWC offers a full line of cruelty-free and vegan skin, body, and hair care products made with natural ingredients and essential oils, and they offer a full line of cosmetics. What we love are their travel sets that make it easy to try before you buy and are great for when you are on the go. They also have a trial size of their facial cleanser that we make sure we pack on every business trip.

We hope you have the chance to try out some of these fabulous vegan makeup brands. Oh, and when you do we have the perfect chic vegan makeup bag for you to store all your buys in style!