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Vegan Leather Demystified | Siera & Celeste

Vegan Leather Demystified | Siera & Celeste

Posted by Siera & Celeste on 11 07 2018

What is Vegan Leather?

When it is made properly, most people cannot tell the difference between vegan leather and animal (regular) leather. 

The difference? 

Well for starters, vegan leather is cruelty-free and isn’t made of animal skins. 

animal or vegan leather image

Vegan leather was initially made of polyvinyl chloride (PVC) a plastic-based material that produced very shiny objects with the look and feel of plastic that developed the nickname of 'pleather.'  

Thankfully, with the advent of polyurethane (PU), another plastic-based material that is eco-friendly, manufacturers are able to make premium vegan leathers with the look and feel of animal leather. 

Alternative vegan leathers are also manufactured from kelp, cork, pineapple waste, and mushrooms!

At Siera & Celeste, our selection of vegan handbags are made from a variety of different vegan leathers or alternative vegan materials. 

We search for supplier brands who are environmentally conscious, cruelty-free and are vegan companies, so you can be assured that a purchase from us is kind to animals and environmentally conscious.

How is Vegan Leather Made?

The most common manufacturing method is the combination of a plastic coating to a cloth backing. 

The brand decides the types of plastic (PU or PVC) used the in the coating, so there is much variance. 

How Is Vegan Leather Beneficial?

There is some argument that vegan leather types tend to be less environmentally friendly opposed to using animal leather. 

However, it takes a lot more energy to produce real leather and a ton of nasty chemicals. 

According to PETA, the tanning process includes the use of mineral salts, coal-tar derivatives, formaldehyde, oils, dyes, and finishes, some of them cyanide-based. 

Additionally, tannery waste contains water-fouling salt, lime sludge, sulfides, acids, and other pollutants.

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Why Choose Vegan Leather?

If you could save the lives of animals while feeling and looking fabulous why wouldn’t you? 

Plus, trained experts have trouble telling the difference between vegan leather and the real thing. 

We stand behind every one of our vegan handbags and accessories. We know that you’ll love them as much as you’ll love the fact that you’re saving the lives of innocent animals by shopping with us.

Give vegan fashion a try!

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