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Dream Vegan Business Card Holder

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Dream Vegan Business Card Holder in burgundy

In the modern world, every businesswoman needs a card holder. Let us introduce our newest and most fabulous product; the Dream Vegan Business Card Holder! This vegan-friendly accessory is just what you need when you want to bring your expertise on the go. You can have your cards on hand when you’re in the right opportunity. There are four beautiful and stylish colors you can choose from to complement your look. This includes Taupe, Burgundy, Olive and Mauve.

You can be the talk of the town with the Dream Vegan Business Card Holder. It’s made from a beautiful pebbled vegan leather, which means its cruelty-free, as well as contemporary. We can’t think of a better way to share your business. The approximate dimensions are 4.5” L x 1.0” W x 3.0” H. This means it’s a fantastic size for business cards and for fitting into your handbag. It won’t take up much space! It has a squeeze frame closure for security and the design is a slim body for being compact. There are four card slots on the outside and you will find one center pocket. This is lined with metallic vegan leather.

You want to look good in front of clients. After all, the image of your business is important. Using the Dream Vegan Business Card Holder is a great way to look professional. You’ll be surprised just how many clients notice it and compliment you. In addition, it’s going to keep your business cards all in one place. You can easily bring it out without messing around in your bag and creating the wrong impression. It’s also going to keep your business cards in good condition. The last thing a client wants is a bent and crumbled business card they can’t read!

We have the Dream Vegan Business Card Holder in stock today at Siera & Celeste; check it out!