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FiFi Glitter Vegan Business Card Holder

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FiFi Glitter Vegan Business Card Holder in Multi, front view

Are you a business woman or a professional that loves to carry around business cards? Well, you definitely need the FiFi Glitter Vegan Business Card Holder. Now you can take your business cards anywhere and seize every opportunity; you deserve it! You can look good and keep your professional image, as well as be fun and inviting too. This accessory is compact enough to fit in your bag or even a back pocket; you never have to leave your business cards at home. There are so many fun and different colors to choose from. This includes red, pink, silver, pewter, gold and multi-color.

The FiFi Glitter Vegan Business Card Holder is designed with a smooth-textured metallic material, which means you can feel good about your fashion choices. It is animal-friendly and cruelty-free. It has a fun style that is contemporary and unique. Nobody else will have this business card holder. It’s designed by Urban Expressions and has a snap front closure that makes it easy to open, even in a hurry. As soon as you see a business opportunity arising, you can grab one of your business cards from this holder. It’s also an envelope shape that can easily fit into a jacket’s inner pocket or the back pocket of your jeans. The approximate dimensions of the FiFi Glitter Vegan Business Card Holder are 4.50” L x 1.00” W x 3.30” H.

At Siera & Celeste, we have the FiFi Glitter Vegan Business Card Holder in stock today. You can grab your business card holder and bring it with you no matter where you go. You never know when new opportunities will come knocking. So, be prepared for any eventuality with this fashionable business card holder. You don’t have to opt for a boring one; there are lots of fun colors for you!