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Poppy Flower Vegan Long Wallet

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Poppy Flower Vegan Long Wallet front view in red

The Poppy Flower Vegan Long Wallet is a pretty wallet that is animal-friendly and elegant for all ages. It offers plenty of space for all your credit cards and boasts a beautiful poppy pattern on the outer edges of the wallet. Everybody will want to know where you got your vegan wallet from!

The poppy flower has always been a popular symbol, representing peace, beauty and luxury. Now you can enjoy their stunning color on your wallet and makes sure everybody takes notice. There are three red poppy flowers embroidered on the outer edges with a green background. While this wallet is trendy and cute, it’s also constructed from cruelty-free materials. You can feel great about your fashion choices. We’re talking about PETA-approved faux leather. This means it’s soft and feels like leather but without any animals being harmed during its design. It’s also made from durable materials that will last a long time and look like luxury. Of course, this is why PETA encourages faux leather; it is a fantastic choice!

This vegan wallet is perfect for keeping in your bag and while it’s spacious, it’s still thin and compact. So, it can carry a lot but it won’t take up much space. It’s secured with a magnetic snap fold-over strap. Inside, you will find a photo identification slot; perfect for showing your driver’s license and locating it quickly. Then there are 11 credit card slots so you can take them all with you no matter where you go. There is also a zipper pocket to keep all of your change together and safe in one place. Two slots remain for any currency and receipts.

Everybody needs a colorful and fun wallet in their lives to brighten up their day. Perhaps the Poppy Flower Vegan Long Wallet is the perfect one for you!